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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Like many adventures (and misadventures) it started with a random conversation. One that sparked an idea, or maybe better stated a feeling. This chat with a kindred spirit, new found friend, and fellow positivity maven got me to thinking/feeling. We had talked about my own insecurities surrounding body image. I would like to think of myself as someone who has always, to some degree, been self aware. I know my strengths, and try to celebrate them when I can. I am strong, smart, beautiful, funny, loving, creative... to name a small few. I also know my weaknesses, and work actively to address them. I don't always love my body, I am a procrastinator, a worrier, VERY chatty, sometimes unmotivated to complete tasks, and can get hyper focused on the wrong things.

What this simple conversation sparked was a realization that I can separate these two lists. Which is to say, I wholeheartedly believe they are not mutually exclusive. I can look in the mirror and say, I don't feel great about how I look today, but that does not negate my beauty, wit, or worth.

All I needed was a little push, someone to fan my fire to help others. I am realizing I have an insane desire to teach others how to scream from mountain tops about how amazing they are, and learning how to believe it.

So here I am. Ready to motivate, teach, seed, fan fires, and share my zeal for positivity.

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